Are you still using traditional painting or plating?

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Most of the home appliance manufacturers are still using the traditional painting and electroplating process to deal with the problem of appearance. These processes are almost without equipment of environmental protection and easy to cause harm to the human body. Because of the constructing of paint, electroplating process of raw materials, are from a variety of resins, solvents, pigments, desiccants and additives. In the case of protection, the human body will be hurt,because these raw materials may contain a lot of benzene, toluene and xylene.

If the construction is without adequate protection, the concentration of benzene in the air , the construction site is quite high and the damage to the construction personnel is very high. If the benzene in the air reaches a certain high concentration, it maybe cause death. Long-term exposure to benzene can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, bone marrow hematopoietic dysfunction and other diseases.

With paint, electroplating treatment of home appliances appearance, product style is relatively simple, almost all use only solid color, if you want some good-looking pattern to change the appearance is very difficult. And in every moment to pay attention to innovation in the world, if there is no innovation, there is no market. Do not really have a solution to these pains? In fact, only use the VCM home appliances decorative film, you can solve these problems.

First, diversity:

VCM decorative film is controlled by the full control of production, automation equipment for computer plate, color, and then on the PET film do a special gravure printing a variety of patterns, and let its colorful. In recent years, many domestic and foreign home appliance manufacturers, are looking for a kind of treatment process can replace the traditional painting, electroplating appearance, they also want to make their products look more rich, rather than excessive single. Therefore, VCM decorative film can fully meet their expectations.

Second, environmental protection:

With the continuous improvement of our country's comprehensive national strength, people's environmental awareness gradually increased, and in recent years, the state has continued to introduce environmental policy, I hope the enterprise attention to environmental issues. People for household electrical appliances environmental requirements, are increasing year by year, whether it is for the product raw materials, traditional paint, production site on the site of environmental protection, have a certain national standards. And the past few years, all levels of government environmental protection departments for product manufacturers to check more and more frequent.

If the relevant products not reach the national standard, the manufacturer is not allowed to continue to produce and sell. Even now gradually mature environmental paint, environmental plating, air cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection. VCM decorative film are usually used environmentally friendly PET film as the production of raw materials, and PET film itself is sterile, not sticky bacteria. Even if the electrical fever, VCM decorative film will not volatilize an irritating smell, is a safe and environmentally friendly decorative materials.

Third, the cost advantage:

Traditional paint, electroplating paint, is divided into odoriferous and odorless two types. Odoriferous of the paint is the most traditional paint, and odorless is more popular in recent years, environmental paint. VCM decorative film production and processing costs, even lower than the environmental paint. Painting, electroplating process for the work of the workshop requirements is particularly high, are needed for cleaning dust in the workshop on the product can be firmly locked color, there are a variety of construction methods, virtually will increase the manufacturing costs.

VCM home appliances decorative film because of its special polymer structure, the adhesion is relatively strong, can make the appearance of home appliances do not strip, do not the best film, as long as your appearance of the surface to maintain smooth can be covered.

Now on the market, with a set of VCM decorative film coating equipment manufacturers are still relatively scarce. And a considerable part of the home appliance manufacturers wants to use VCM decorative film in their own product appearance, in order to increase their own product diversity, environmental protection, and improve their own rationality cost structure. But these home appliance manufacturers are in the early stages of research and development. It’s a major distress that there is no cover VCM decorative film equipment.

 Please note that this films is not suitable for end-users, nor is it self-adhesive!
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