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  • Do you know the tetrafluoroethane fluorocarbon film?
    Do you know the difference between difluoride fluorocarbon film, fluorocarbon film and tetrafluoroethane fluorocarbon film?In recent years, many building materials, home appliances and decorating industry manufacturers purchase fluorocarbon film as the first choice for surface decoration materials,
  • Polyma’s Partner, AuLAND aluminum composite panel exhibition hall is opening in October 2016.
    Foshan Shunde AuLAND aluminum composite exhibition hall will be opened at Guangjin international business center in October 2016. AuLAND composite panel have been using Polyma films for over 13 years with huge success. All the customers are fully satisfied with our decorative effect as well as quality stability. We like to invite our customers to visit the AuLAND panel exhibition hall where our product are deployed for different applications.
  • Why the metal sheet want to made a surface treatment?
    This requires the production and business operations, whether it is quality, or efficiency, cost, and jointly find a new balance, it is possible to help enterprises to maximize profits and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the tide of the market. And the cover film way, can effectively solve the quality, efficiency and cost issues, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.
  • Do you know the tetrafluoroethane fluorocarbon film?
    The 4F, is added in the fluorine FEVE fluorocarbon coating, its weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, adhesion and decorative are more better than the traditional fluorocarbon weather film.
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