Why the metal sheet want to made a surface treatment?

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Metal sheets are widely used in various fields of our daily life because of their good material properties. Even if the surface is eroded by the atmosphere, moisture, sunlight , salt fog mold and other corrosive media, which will be caused loss of light, discoloration, powdery or burst, so that it is damaged. If there is obvious brown rust, which is the surface of the plate corrosion has been serious to the point where you could’t be used. If the number of rust points more, the usual proposal  will be to replace the whole batch of plates to avoid continued deteriorationand make greater quality problems.

The production process of the enterprise is not mature and the surface of the metal sheet lacks the necessary protection, so that the plate produces rust. In general, proper wiping is required before the correct production process, and a pre-wiping solvent needs to be added before wiping, which could be provided a protective effect on the surface of the sheet metal.

If the use of improper agents or solvents may be out of date, poor quality, or even if the quality of the drug is good enough but wiped after the placement of the time is too long, which will  reduce the metal surface of the protective force, and even corrosion problems will be more serious. Add the agent, just one of the ways in which the sheet metal is treated on the surface. Therefore, the metal sheet to do the surface treatment is very necessary.

Metal sheet surface treatment purposes:

1.The protection of surface , which of the board from the luster, color and mechanism and the appearance of the life of the product, the effective use of material resources.

2.It will be beautify and decorative products, make the product elegant and subtle, the surface has a richer color, glossy changes, the product more rhythm and the characteristics of the times, which is conducive to improving the product value and competitiveness of the product.

Sometimes, the metal plate of a serious phenomenon of phosphating, which need to pass the phosphating process parameters to improve the metal anti-corrosion function. Due to metal under acid rain or a specific environment, the phosphating free acid is too high or fluoride ion concentration is too high, etc.....It will be very easy to rust. Through a special process, further adjust and optimize the surface of the plate phosphating, it will be effectively reduce the corrosion of the surface of the plate and moderately reduce the contact with the corrosive air, and then through other metal sheet surface treatment process to effectively remove the corrosion.

The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements. Although the metal sheet with a variety of methods for surface treatment, but still can not completely curb the occurrence of corrosion. In order to better prevent the occurrence of corrosion, which requires enterprises to carry out effective protection measures and strengthen internal management, enhance the technical content of the production process and process parameters of the maintenance capacity, and the problem of rapid processing capacity. For a variety of metal rust treatment methods, which is a test of a variety of business management capabilities, and strictly control all the factors, take preventive measures.

As we all know, the metal sheet surface treatment methods are co-extrusion, spraying, electrophoresis and other ways. Coextrusion is the most important surface treatment of the China market. The coextrusion process is low in surface treatment, but the color is single and the weatherability is poor. Spraying the color of more varieties, but the spray coating and profile of the surface fastness of adhesion, prone to color, scratch resistance and weather resistance is not good, these factors led to the use of sprayed plate market smaller. These processes are costly for the job site and are prone to damage to the environment.

Although most of the enterprises are still using coextrusion, spraying, electrophoresis  these easy to damage the environment, the production process prone to irritating odor, and even may cause damage to the body, and the use of film treatment of metal sheet surface problem, cost is very high. With the continuous development of technology, film processing began to pop up. As the main surface treatment of European profiles, film quality strict standards. Due to film diversity, pattern realistic, environmentally friendly, domestic in recent years began to use a wide range of coated metal sheet surface decoration.

Home appliances industry, building materials industry with the film surface of the metal sheet surface treatment, can effectively reduce the cost of operating the site, this approach is the biggest advantage of environmental protection, very much in line with modern living standards. With the film method, can effectively alleviate and solve the corrosion of metal sheet, thereby improving the product quality and production capacity, reducing the production process of waste material. Product costs have been reduced, the quality has improved, allowing enterprises to achieve good economic returns.

Now many companies are still using the traditional coextrusion, spraying, electrophoresis process on the surface treatment of metal sheet, because the replacement of equipment and reinvestment need costs, as well as the lack of the necessary way to cover the process of knowledge, the new thing is still a little fear psychological. But the cover film is the future trend, and many companies in the use of new technology, new technology, the need to redesign the entire value chain planning and production process, but also consider the product positioning and equipment investment feasibility of matching.

This requires the production and business operations, whether it is quality, or efficiency, cost, and jointly find a new balance, it is possible to help enterprises to maximize profits and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the tide of the market. And the cover film way, can effectively solve the quality, efficiency and cost issues, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

 Please note that this films is not suitable for end-users, nor is it self-adhesive!
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