What is different from pet thermal transfer film and pvc thermal transfer film?

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1.PET thermal transfer filmPET film is strong adhesion, ink adsorption force is good, will be not to  leading to pattern mode, which transfer thick pattern pattern paste high definition, forming beautiful, this advantage is more prominent in the flat surface, pattern showing a high degree.2.PVC thermal transfer filmPVC thermal transfer film is relatively soft than the PET film, so PVC thermal transfer film ductility is very good, adsorption coating also good, it solve the PET film can not cover the shortcomings, but because of PVC adsorption capacity is not very good, it resulting in the transfer out of the pattern is not clear enough.Therefore, the manufacturers can choose according to the needs of their products for the base of the thermal transfer film back to work.

The traditional silk screen printing technology can not be done according to the picture of all the color of the transition, so silk screen out of the effect will show the color boundaries clear, in the middle of the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color itself according to the screen itself. Polyma heat transfer film through special printing technology, so Polyma heat transfer film can solve the traditional silk screen technology left behind loopholes, to meet customer demand for different products, breaking the screen printing brought about by the bottleneck, Polyma thermal transfer film has a good market prospects. Because of this screen itself reflects the color of the transition, it makes Polyma thermal transfer film favored by the metal plate factory.

 Please note that this films is not suitable for end-users, nor is it self-adhesive!
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