Polyma PET surface color decorative film

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Polyma PET surface color decorative film is divided into three types: 1) frontside with glue, 2) backside with glue, 3) without glue three forms. 
The first type PET color decorative film ( frontside with glue ) adhesive is mainly used in crystal steel sliding door, cabinet door, indoor decoration glass, etc.


The second type PET color decorative film ( backside with glue ) is mainly used in the renovation stickers, such as wallpaper, desktop, wardrobe, cabinets, aluminum coating, panel, etc.
The third type PET color decorative film ( without glue ) can be divided into cold and heat lamination types. It is mainly used in all kinds of decorative sheet, such as aluminum honeycomb panel,
aluminum composite panel, stainless steel plate, VCM panel, PVC foam panel, mosaic, cabinets, integrated wallboard, home appliance panel.

 Please note that this films is not suitable for end-users, nor is it self-adhesive!
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