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Polyma PET metal panel color decorative film

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Polyma PET metal panel color decorative film is a new type of decorative material. 

The product is composed of different layers which combine together to provide it distinguish physical and decorative properties such as weather stability, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, moisture and bacteria resistance, anti-scratch as well as decorative effect versatility. 

The films can be easily deployed to different type of metal panel through all kinds of readily available lamination processes.


Since our PET decorative film has antibacterial and bactericidal properties, it is widely used in all kinds of hospital projects. 

The surface of Polyma film laminated aluminum composite panel will facilitate the control of microbial activity and help killing bacteria which adhere onto it. Generally, film laminated metal perhaps are widely used in dirty and polluted environmental due to easy of maintenance and cleaning. The film is detergent stable.


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