Do you know the tetrafluoroethane fluorocarbon film?

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Do you know the difference between difluoride fluorocarbon film, fluorocarbon film and tetrafluoroethane fluorocarbon film?

In recent years, many building materials, home appliances and decorating industry manufacturers purchase fluorocarbon film as the first choice for surface decoration materials, but they do not know more about the difference between these three materials. So, let me tell you the difference between difluoride fluorocarbon film (referred as 2F), fluorocarbon film (referred as 3F) and tetrafluoroethane fluorocarbon film(referred as 4F), to make you be a shrewd buyer.

Generally speaking, 2F, 3F and 4F are due to the difference between the production process and the amount of fluorine, but this is a very superficial argument. Between 2F, 3F and 4F the main difference is the surface coating process and composite technology applications, as well as the technical difficulty of coating. Due to the maturity of the production process of the enterprise and the difference between the application of the coating material formulation. These polymer materials and formulations, are almost the core competitiveness of these enterprises.

The traditional 2F is polymer cleanliness and no active functional groups; 3F surface is composite traditional PVDF coating; 4F is need to select FEVE PTFE fluorocarbon coating. Therefore, let me tell you on the weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, adhesion and decorative these four aspects of comparison.

1.Weather resistance

2F, 3F, 4F coating material’s (referred as: coating) raw material is based on vinyl fluoride as raw material: 2F using difluoroethylene, 3F using trifluoroethylene, and 4F is using tetrafluoroethylene.

2F, 3F, 4F structure

FEVE fluorocarbon coating’s fluorine content be higher, which means that the coating contains more F-C structure, high-key F-C bond to C-C bond is well protected against ultraviolet and chemical energy Of the erosion, so the 4F’s weather resistance

will be better. 4F is completely free of chlorine, fluorine content is up to 76%, 3F content is only 49%, while the traditional 2F in the theoretical fluorine content is 59.3% (the actual fluorine content is only 41 % to 42%).

4F has 2F and 3F does not have the "no chlorine" features, it can form a more durable, high toughness of the protective film, it enhancing the PET decorative color film protection. In this case, you can make PET decorative color film for a long time to maintain a beautiful appearance of the coating, even in harsh environments can also achieve high weather resistance.

nsert form

Because of 2F contains polyvinylidene fluoride polyester particles, so it is difficult to form their own film, the film must be added about 30% PMMA as a plasticizer to improve the film-forming, so 2F is relatively low fluoride content; 3F contains chlorine, so 3F compared to the 4F the UV resistance is worse, faster discoloration and easier to powder. In addition, the formula of 4F contains high fluoride, after the accelerated aging, the coating of the loss of light will be less, weather resistance will be stronger.

Weather resistance

2. Acid and alkali resistance

Due to the environmental pollution, wind and rain erosion, and etc situations are very complicated. The acidity of the rain, the alkaline water will erode the material, the traditional 2F, 3F are difficult to resist alkaline erosion, so if we use these, 3 to 5 years will be rust, powder and take off. 4F because of tetrafluoroethylene and fluoroolefins (FC bond) between the strict arrangement of copolymerization can make chemical stability of the fluorine vinyl chain to form a space shield, and the PET film as the substrate, PET film is strong acid and alkali resistance, both under the double protection of the lower stability of the vinyl ether chain difficult to be affected by chemical energy medium.

4F’s characterized are acid resistance, corrosion resistance, not afraid of acid rain and salt spray invasion. Therefore, the 4F acid and alkali resistance is much better than 2F and 3F.

Acid and alkali resistance

3. Adhesion

What is adhesion? Many people have doubts about it. The attraction of the contact of two different substances. A representation of molecular forces. Only when the two substances are very close to the molecules when it came out. The two solids are generally not in close contact, and the adhesion between them can not work. Liquid and solid can be in close contact, the adhesion between them can play a role. In general, there is adhesion between the coating and the coated object. Adhesion is the most important indicator of the quality of fluorocarbon film.

FEVE fluorocarbon resin chemical structure is different from the traditional PVDF coating, in the molecular structure of a large number of carboxyl and hydroxyl. Carboxyl and hydroxyl are electronegative groups, they can provide good adhesion, which not only ensure that the FEVE fluorocarbon coating can form a good match with the aluminum substrate can also be formed with a variety of different coatings Of the interlayer adhesion.

Tetrafluoro type weather film’s surface coated with FEVE fluorocarbon coating and the layer of adhesive layer firmly, so the stability of the more advantages, in the scratch resistance and wear resistance are also better than 2F and 3F.

4. Decorative

The traditional 2F and 3F and relatively poor weather resistance, so they can not do too much color and pattern, but 4F can solve this problem. 4F’s F-C bond tight space shielding, is good to block the sun, rain and erosion of the sea. 4F are used for the 8 level weathering ink printing, it can effectively ensure that no discoloration, no powder, so 4F will be more colorful and the pattern will be more realistic, 4F also increased the degree of decorative aesthetics, the manufacturers are more and more like 4F.

The 4F, is added in the fluorine FEVE fluorocarbon coating, its weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, adhesion and decorative are more better than the traditional fluorocarbon weather film. And the quality is guaranteed! Of course, how to purchase is depends on your company's production needs and processing technology maturity.

 Please note that this films is not suitable for end-users, nor is it self-adhesive!
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