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The color film is typically consist of three layers, namely transparent PET film, high quality ink layer and polymer layer or PVC film layer. The first PET film layer provides the anti-corrosive, chemical resistant, enivronmentally friendly, and easy to clean robust surface; the ink layer provides the versatile color patterns for the plastic color film, the polymer layer provides the robust adhesive bonding between the patterned color PET film and the metal surface underneath it. The polymer layer may be replaced by PVC film or other film layer material suitable for other customized bonding required by the surface underneath the color plastic film.
Specification and Quality Standards
Description Standard Results
Compliance Table
Composite film thickness (um) GB/T 6672 ≥ 65
Film width (m) GB/T 6673 10.3 / 1.25 / 1.30
Film length (m) GB/T 6673 500 / 1000
GB/T 6739 GB/T 6739 ≥ HB
Adhesion GB/T 9286, GB/T1720 Not lower than level 1
Withstand impact GB/T 1732 50 kg.cm no shad / crack
Film elasticity (Mpa) GB/T 13022 ≥ 200
Film break point (%)   ≥ 120
180℃Degree Peeling Strength (N/mm) GB/T 2790 ≥ 2
Heat Difference Resistance GB/T 17748 No effect
Boiling Water Resistance GB/T 17748 No effect
 Chemical Resistance Acid GB/T 17748 No effect
Alkaline GB/T 17748 No effect
Oil GB/T 17748 No effect
Solvent GB/T 17748 No effect
Washing GB/T 9266-test No effect over 10,000 times



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